Q'NET INTERNATIONAL announces the organization of the event:

'E-learning solutions in collaborative environment'






Q’NET INTERNATIONAL would like to invite you on 7th of March 2013, starting 09:30, to attend the commercial event ‘E-learning solutions in collaborative environment’, dedicated to e-learning solutions recently added to our company’s portfolio. The event will take place in Bucharest, at Hotel Caro, Eminescu conference room.

The event is intended to be an interactive assessment of e-learning solutions impact on your business by exploring the possibilities of increasing your training activities efficiency. Participation of our special guest, Brian Skovgaard – Business Manager ELEARNINGFORCE INTERNATIONAL, will add a high experienced perspective to our presentations.

In order to make yourself an image of the main topics that will be discussed during the event, please see the Event Agenda and the General Presentation of e-learning solutions offered.

Hoping that you will positively answer to our invitation, we expect your contact details until 27th of February 2013, by e-mail at marketing@qnet.ro. No participation fee. 


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