Focus on your business, leave printing to us.


Printing costs can be controlled

The printing costs are highly visible for any company, as they require considerable monthly funds allocations. Nevertheless, we cannot perform our activity without printing.

Moreover, our intention is to deliver printing at its best quality with optimal costs.

Why not to choose HP Managed Print Services? 

HP Managed Print Services (MPS) solutions are a comprehensive suite of offerings delivered in a consultative engagement.


 MPS, a service that offers you major benefits

- optimized infrastructure from all points of view;

- setting the price for services and consumables for the entire contract duration;

- monitors all printing, copying or digital scanning activities;​

- increases the employees' productivity as a result of equipment down-time reduction.​


Everything is readily available: equipment, consumables, support services

We manage your entire effort concerning printing management. Moreover, we can optimize and improve the printing services.

Printers and multi-functional equipments shall be chosen after an analysis of your company's needs (number of printed pages/month, printing type etc). We rely on the information you provide in order to undertake such analysis. 

A different type of service provided is to continuously supply the client with consumables. The installation, training and hardware support services provided at your premises are equally important. We provide a 4h or 'Next-day' response time. 


We have the necessary skills to present you with high-end technologies

​Even if you consider you are currently satisfied with the costs associated to printing, equipment or even support services, keep yourself informed regarding the high-end technologies. They might bring benefits you haven’t even thought about.

Q'NET INTERNATIONAL has the necessary skills to present you with the new printing high-end technologies and more. All you have to do is contact us. We are prompt and easy to contact.

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