LMS365 On-Premises- Learning Management for SharePoint


Applied both in the educational - public and private- field as well as in the business field, the e-learning software solutions increase the efficiency of training processes by transferring them into a collaborative environment, allowing real time interactions between the involved persons (no matter their physical location), as well as fast access to information sources, testing means and customized portfolios.



Deliver modern, effective training

LMS365, The SharePoint LMS, lets you intuitively combine new and existing training elements, documentation, materials, media, communication channels, and learning methods to deliver a media-rich training experience learners find valuable.

  • Quizzes and learning paths
  • SCORM and AICC-compliant packages
  • Process-relevant documents authored in any tool
  • Webinars
  • Blended classroom training
  • Instructor-led and self-study workflows
  • Embedded procedures, manuals, and other compliance documents
  • “Yes, I read the stuff” e-signature compliance acknowledgements
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LMS365 Cloud- Learning Management for Office 365

Puts learning on auto-pilot

  • Use Office 365 tools to create courses for any user group or role

  • Create course catalogs with one-click enrollment and un-enrollment

  • Deploy SCORM packages as formalized courses or mini-training

  • Display personalized training progress on any SharePoint page

  • Remind learners of training they haven’t completed

  • View progress reports and statistics by individual and course



Course Creator | Create courses with collaborative learning power.

Course Catalog | Make sure no opportunity to learn goes unnoticed. 

Training Dashboard | Get an instant, personalized training overview.

Learning Module Builder | Deliver efficient, multi-step learning―without frustration. 

SCORM Player |  Deploy SCORM training to any global workforce in minutes.

My Learning  |  Ensure learners continually learn. 

Administration & Reporting  |  Manage and track corporate e-learning from a central point.

Quiz Builder  |  Test knowledge, improve know-how.

Assignment Manager with Grade Book  |  Create, manage, track, and grade course assignments.



Q’NET INTERNATIONAL, as ELEARNINGFORCE Silver Partner and integrated IT solutions developer on the Sharepoint platform, offers its beneficiaries one of the most common and efficient Management platforms for educational processes. 



Source: www.elearningforce.com
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