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GFI EventsManager - event monitoring, management and archiving made easy.

The huge volume of system events generated each day is a valuable source of information for system administrators. Effective infrastructure management helps ensure a reliable network, secure systems and  high availability, while enabling organizations to meet their legal and compliance obligations.

Real-time network and system monitoring is needed to achieve business continuity and security, but with potentially hundreds of thousands of system events being generated daily, managing them is a challenge. 

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GFI FaxMaker -Network Fax server for Exchange/SMTP, is a leading fax server that makes sending and receiving faxes an efficient, simple and cost-effective process.

It solves the problems associated with manual faxing – waiting for the fax to go through, printing out the document, and walking to and from the fax machine – as GFI FaxMaker allows users to receive and send faxes directly from their email client.

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GFI WebMonitor - Control your Internet users' browsing habits and monitor downloads in real time.

Research by IDC shows that up to 40% of employee Internet access is non-work related. While shutting off Internet access is impractical, Internet monitoring and access control software enables network administrators to reduce unproductive Internet use.

GFI WebMonitor helps you boost employee productivity by giving you the ability to monitor and control Internet access in real-time, ensuring that employee web browsing activity is aligned with business needs, and that any files downloaded are free of viruses and other malware. 

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