Hardware infrastructure to reflect the complexity of your business.


Any company needs a hardware infrastructure in order to run its IT operations under optimal security and functionality conditions, and the related costs should be optimal. 

It is possible to develop a solution without consulting a specialized IT integrator, but the related costs may be significant. This raises the question: are you ready to bear such costs?


Performance demands complexity

As far as the different sized companies are concerned, performance may be acquired, most of the times, when the architecture of the IT solution is complex, implies optimal costs and considers the future development forecasts. Any IT solution shall be developed so as to cover the current needs, but also those that are expected on the long term. The way in which they will integrate shall be essential for the companies’ financial resources.

As an IT solutions integrator, Q'NET INTERNATIONAL responds positively to the hardware infrastructure related complex requirements due to its know-how and experience.


The elements of a Complex Hardware Solution ​

​If you currently consider that only a small part of the elements below are necessary for you, things might be different in the future. You can trust us to integrate them as best as possible, from all points of view, today and tomorrow.


Consultancy and implementation services

We transfer the 'know-how' and the experience gained in the 20 years as a specialized IT solutions provider, that is superior consultancy.

The data centre architecture configuration includes the implementation of the solutions proposed and agreed upon by you in the previous stage. Please note that standardization and modularity may generate significant savings and efficiency when designing and building a complex hardware solution. Standardization means perfect harmonization between location and equipment. Modularity has the benefits of scalability and easy growth, even when the planning forecasts are less ideal.


Maintenance - a service necessary after the delivery of any IT solution

By choosing IT maintenance, you ensure efficient functioning, without disruptions or major defects that might partially or totally affect your business activity.


Successful start: face-to-face discussion

Please contact us. Face-to-face discussions are always the basis of the best communication, which is extremely important in the IT field. We assure you that we will answer promptly and to the point.



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