Warranty Extension – Major benefits with minimum effort


​Should you wish to extend the warranty for an already purchased equipment, or for an equipment to be purchased, or if you wish to upgrade a support service, we are here to help you.


  • Warranty extension for products that are under purchase

Any IT equipment has a warranty period set by the manufacturer (from 1 to 3 years). If you referred to the IT Products Catalogue and chose equipment with a 1-year or 2-year warranty period, you can make a warranty extension so that you can enjoy even more the equipment you invested in.


  • Warranty extension for already purchased equipment

The already purchased equipment (laptops, printers, etc) your company has been using for a relatively short period of time can benefit from a warranty extension.

Warning! For precise details, that may vary from one equipment manufacturer to the other, please contact us


  • Support Service Upgrade

If you initially acquired a support service (e.g.: HP Monitor 3 year Next Business day on-site response, HW support) that currently does not comply with your business needs, you can upgrade it (e.g.: HP Monitor 3 years 4 hours on-site response, HW support).

For details, contact us so that we can find a solution that best suits your company’s needs.




Learn more about HP Care Pack Services:


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