Q’NET INTERNATIONAL is active on the Romanian market as a member of Microsoft Partner Network (MPN), with the following competencies: Gold Cloud Productivity, Gold Datacenter, Gold Data Platform, Silver Collaboration and Content, Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions.





Bucharest, January 28th, 2019 - Q'NET INTERNATIONAL reaffirms its commitment to academic customers.


Q'NET INTERNATIONAL renews the certification Microsoft Authorized Education - Gold Partner, demonstrating its ability to meet Microsoft academic customers evolving needs in today’s dynamic business environment.


Among the academic licensing programs in the portfolio we mention:

* Academic Open – the most popular Volume licensing program. This two year licensing agreement is a widely accessible and cost-effective way for education institutions to license Microsoft software, starting with as few as five licenses (no minimum requirements for additional orders). Customers can choose from a wide selection of products (on-premises) and Online Services (e.g. Office 365). When institutions include Software Assurance with the on-premises licenses (License & Software Assurance) they get the wright right to install any new release of covered products during the term of the Open License (2 years). Payment is made at the time of purchase (pay-as-you-go approach).

Suitable mostly for customers with "on-premises" needs.


* Open Value Subscription (OVS-ES) - a comprehensive, commitment-based licensing program, with a term of one or three year for academic organizations that want to license one or more desktop platform product or platform cloud service organization-wide, enrollingall users (Full Time Employees) in order to standardize the organization's IT infrastructure. OVS-ES offers Microsoft technology in the form of subscriptions (non-perpetual licenses) on-premises and cloud (Office 365).

Software Assurance for on premises product is included and Student Use benefits are available. Counting the necessary licenses, orders and payments are on an annual basis; OVS-ES offers the flexibility to increase or decrease the annual quantity (and related annual payment), according to Academic Organization’s current needs.


* Microsoft CSP - a transactional licensing program for customers with cloud needs. CSPs offer an easy way to license the cloud services. The minimum order is: 1 USL (User Subscription license) or use of Azure pay-as-you-go. The term of subbscription is one year and the payment is annual or monthly.

If the beneficiaries want both on-premises and cloud deployment technologies in the institution infrastructure to access the benefits of both, Microsoft Open and CSP can be mixed.



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