Q'Assist Committee- Structures, Controls and Archives Board Decisions


Developed on the SharePoint platform, application Q'Assist Committee is an electronic process management of decisions for the boards of companies.


App features:

  •  accessibility - simple web interface, WAN and Internet access
  •  efficiency - standardized feeds, direct use whithin meetings, automatic notifications
  •  availability - Access 7x7 / 24x24, integrated system for delegating responsibilities
  •  access to information - storage, rapid identification of items of interest
  •  classification of documents - after the required criteria
  •  management - centralized
  •  communication - e-mail, attachments, export, print
  •  integration - Active Directory, Sharepoint
  •  platform - asp.net, MOSS, MS SQL


Application deployment

Printscreen Q'Assist Committee - Automatic generation of the decision


Live demo

If the features of Q'Assist Committee aroused your interest,  please contact us to make a live demo. We are available.

Q'Assist Committee is the perfect application for the boards. Structures, controls, archiving decisions and allows controlled access to them. 


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