Q'Assist Forms- the application that changes the cost curve


Developed with the specific purpose of reducing paper consumption and time, Q'Assist Forms app replaces paper versions of forms (eg form holidays, employee evaluation sheet, delegation form, granting rights form etc.) with their electronic versions.


Key benefits

  •  improving collaboration among employees;
  •  access to information directly and quickly, regardless of physical location;
  •  significant reduction in the costs of distribution, printing and storing documents;
  •  reduce the risk of loss or deterioration of documents;
  •  electronic archiving of data and rapidly identified;
  •  control access to information based on the permissions and levels of audience-specific user or group of users.


Online Form deployment

The solution was implemented and developed for Blue Air OTP Bank and references are very good. 


See below: Printscreen- romanian version


Live demo

To see how Q'Assist Forms application would help you to change the cost curve,  we are available for a demo.

Moreover, if you consider modifying any hardcopy form in your company to an online form, please contact us for a discussion. We can help.


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