Q'Assist Helpdesk- the complete and adaptable app for helpdesk


Sharepoint based solution was developed entirely by the our  Business Solutions Departament and with the purpose to manage online requests for technical assistance from any organization.


Easy to open and follow requests for technical assistance

  •  Opening a support ticket by any employee, anywhere;
  •  Qualification and integration of the ticket;
  •  Assign ticket to a department or a team member;
  •  Follow ticket and respect  SLA set;
  •  Closing the ticket.

App Features

  •  accessibility - simple web interface, create requests by e-mail, WAN and Internet access;
  •  efficiency – multi-assignment, co-assignment, IP capture, integrated remote assistance, automatic notifications;
  •  access to information - knowledge base which includes requests resolved;
  •  classification requests - by status, priority, category, group membership, individual rights;
  •  management – centralized, KPI reports, SLA;
  •  communication - e-mail, attachments, export, print;
  •  integration - Active Directory, LOB app.;
  •  platform - MOSS, MS SQL.


Application deployment

Q'Assist Helpdesk application was developed and implemented for OTP Bank.


Live demo

To see exactly how Q'Assist Helpdesk app works, please contact us for live demo. 


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