About Q’Assist Teams

Q’Assist Teams is a solution dedicated to communities that need to constantly interact and want to do it quickly, safely and organized.

Built on Microsoft Teams technology, Q’Assist Teams includes a community website with features for hosting and publishing information for community use.


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Who is this solution for?

Q’Assist Teams is the best solution for a community (‘groups of people with common interests, beliefs, customs, norms of life; collectivity, society‘), be it from the public or private sector.


How it works?

The solution is 100% oriented to make possible the communication and collaboration on multiple levels between the members of a community and this presentation material is based on a Parish (Church) case study, for better understanding of the functionalities.


5 Benefits of Q’Assist Teams:



The members of a community are united in a proportion of 50% by common interests or beliefs and 50% by communication.



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Spread out the news quickly

The calendar of the events and news, pictures and videos sections quickly inform all members about the news in the community, so the major benefit is to actively involve as many members as possible, in the long run.


Collaborate virtually secure and organized

Any interaction between community members is done in real time, privately and organized through chat messages, video conferencing, email.

Services provided within the community can be managed with maximum accuracy due to a predefined flow.

The Q’Assist Teams solution facilitates communication and collaboration and is based on the features of the Microsoft Teams platform.


       “Now, more than ever, we need to stay in touch on private and secure  practices. At Microsoft, privacy and security are never second.

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Permanent storage and access to the archive

Over time, the community has storage needs for documents, photos, audio and video, and the Q’Assist Teams solution allows for easy storage and permanent access to the community archive.


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