Team Matters


Marius Vladu - General Manager

'Our mission is to create a strong, dynamic, credible and profitable organization which provides IT solutions and services, both for our customers as well as for the team of competent, enthusiastic and trustworthy people, making up the organization, including the investors, which invested material and trustworthy resources and which also expect to see results.
Our clients, whether new or old, shall always enjoy the attention, respect, promptitude as well as the honesty of some answers to any request received from them as well as fair prices; our team members shall benefit from the necessary elements to increase their competency and performance level,  taking advantage of a friendly work climate in which communication and cooperation are essential values, as well as of a material basis which allows them to successfully handle professional challenges; the ones who invested their material resources and trust in our organization shall also see actual results within reasonable terms.  In a few words, we wish to continuously increase the degree of satisfaction for all those involved in the relationship with our organization: clients, team members and stakeholders.'


Gheorghe Călin - Executive Sales Manager

'When we speak of sales, we speak of skills.  The sales department puts the quality of provided services first, along with the complete customer satisfaction, using sales personnel certified by the most important technology suppliers in the world.  Furthermore, flexibility and promptitude outline the profile of each Q'NET seller.'


Daniel Anghel- Technical Manager

'The aim of the Technical Department is the satisfaction of our clients, to the highest extent possible.  We reach this objective by adding up the skills and reliability of our engineers, in addition to the promptitude and quality of the provided services.  Our professionalism always led us to success in facing our competitors.'


Cătălin Dragne - Business Solution Manager 

Graduate of the Faculty of Automations and Computers within the Polytechnic University in Bucharest, Catalin Dragne has over 15 years of general experience in IT and over 10 years experience in the design, development and implementation of customized informational solutions.
'The development and integration of customized software solutions, for the purpose of answering with maximum efficiency and minimum costs to the specific requests submitted by the beneficiaries', represents the main objective of the DSI department.

Carmen Lupaşcu - Financial Manager

'The Financial Department is defined by objectivity and reflects the company's results, as a consequence of team efforts.  We continue to apply a compelling management by the efficient allocation of resources to allow the company to increase every year, no matter the current economic conditions'. 



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