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Computers and printers are the main resources of any company. Their functioning directly influences the productivity, promptness and in the end, your company’s results.


Before the purchase

​Consulting an expert before purchasing hardware and/or software infrastructure may often save money and time. If you know we are right, use our services which consist of:

  1. Consultancy regarding the degree of wear of the hardware systems;
  2. Identification and disassembling the unused equipments;
  3. Packing and labelling;
  4. Shipment of the equipment to the location indicated by the customer in view of storage or recycling – subsequent to new equipment purchase.
  5. ​Provision of the documentation necessary for recycling.

Immediately after the purchase

Besides the sale of hardware and software infrastructure we provide, on-demand, specific IT services.

We implement turnkey solutions that comprise hardware equipments, operating systems and security solutions.

For the Enterprise segment, we provide support for the migration of the operating systems and of applications. Our team of qualified engineers guarantees the simplification of the migration efforts and the minimization of the impact on your business activity.


Post-purchasing services

With more than 9000 interventions per year*, we ensure service and support in warranty and post warranty for servers, UPSs, PCs, Notebooks and printers.

Based on our engineers’ skills, we provide technical assistance according to the standard service terms of the important manufacturers, as well as proactive technical assistance on site 24h/7 in a guaranteed interval of up to 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours or 24 hours, pursuant to a service agreement conclusion.

The spare parts inventory is being continuously supplemented, according to your needs!


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