Starting January 1st, 2013 is amended particulars of the SC Q'NET INTERNATIONAL SA
As a result of the merger, the assets and liabilities of the absorbed company, Q'NET INTERNATIONAL SA ,will be transferred to the absorbing company, BRAMERTON INVESTMENTS SRL, on the effective date of the merger, January 1st 2013 an universal transfer being in force, both in the relation between the two companies and also in the relation with third parties. As a result of the merge being finished, Q'NET INTERNATIONAL SA shall cease its existence, being dissolved without liquidation and therefore erased from the Trade Register.
As a result of the merger, the absorbing company will be a limited-liability company and will be called SC Q'NET  INTERNATIONAL SRL
The identification data of the company are:
TRADE REGISTER – J40/7697/2011
CUI [ Sole Registration Number] RO28672605
Starting January 1st 2013 all the rights and obligations deriving from the contacts concluded by the absorbed company, in force on the effective date of the merger, will be transferred to the absorbing company, this company subrogating to all the rights and obligation deriving from or in relation with such contracts, included but not limited to the right to collect the exigible receivables and the obligation to pay the due debts which the absorbed company owes under such contracts, to its creditors.
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