Q'NET INTERNATIONAL confirms its status as a reliable provider of IT solutions and services


Q'NET INTERNATIONAL performs its activity in compliance with the ethical standards and the Romanian and the European Union (EU) statutory provisions, being a reliable provider of IT solutions and services and following a business model based on professionalism, promptitude and seriousness.


Bucharest, 9 July 2015– Q'NET INTERNATIONAL, one of the important IT solutions and services providers in Romania announces restoring access to the bank accounts frozen on June 24, 2015 following recent allegations against Mr Sebastian Ghiţă.


The fact that the seizure ordered by the judges of the High Court of Cassation and Justice was lifted in less than ten working days since we filed our appeal against the writ of attachment issued by DNA (National Anticorruption Directorate), confirms that Q'NET INTERNATIONAL is a reliable provider of IT solutions and services.

"From its establishment in 1993 until now, Q'NET INTERNATIONAL has never had a shareholding relationship with Mr Sebastian Ghiţă or with natural or legal entities known to belong to his sphere of influence. 

Q'NET INTERNATIONAL SRL's inclusion into the group of Companies controlled by  Mr Sebastian Ghiţă has proven to be devoid of any factual basis, fact confirmed by the Decision of the Supreme Court, namely the High Court of Cassation and Justice. Q'NET INTERNATIONAL SRL shall continue to show availability, cooperation and transparency in its relations with the authorised institutions and investigative bodies, in order to clarify any issues regarding the nature of the legal and commercial relations between our Company and eventual natural and/or legal entities known and suspected to belong to the sphere of influence of Mr Sebastian Ghiţă.

Nevertheless, it is obvious that, in the IT industry, which is rapidly evolving and constantly changing, with strict specialisations, exclusive representations, required by some Providers, complicated projects with restrictive commercial terms, the cooperation between the companies on the market based on clear and transparent commercial transactions, to the extent permitted by law, is unavoidable" – says Marius Vladu, General Manager at Q'NET INTERNATIONAL.


Currently, Q'NET INTERNATIONAL operates normally in its relationship with both customers and partners, promoting and implementing its IT solutions and services with the help of sales representatives, engineers and technicians who are prepared at any time to meet the most complex business requirements.


About Q'NET:

With an experience of more than 20 years in providing IT solutions and services at international standards,  Q'NET INTERNATIONAL creates real added value to businesses in all fields regardless of their size or complexity.

Our experience and continuous commitment for excellence and performance, as well as for customer satisfaction, recommend us as a top partner on the Romanian market in the provision of complex hardware and software infrastructure solutions, based on the technology of global leaders in this field, of ERP solutions, of software solutions developed on request, of mobile solutions or of e-learning solutions.

As for the territorial coverage, Q’NET INTERNATIONAL developed a network of Service Centers with 7 local working points, in the main cities of the country: Suceava, Iaşi, Craiova, Braşov, Cluj, Timişoara and Năvodari.

Q’NET INTERNATIONAL wishes to remain, through its competence and professionalism, one of the best providers of  IT solutions and services in the Romanian market.

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