Q'NET INTERNATIONAL renews the certification Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller


Bucharest, January 9th, 2013– Q’NET INTERNATIONAL, with two decades of experience in providing top IT solutions and services, announces the renewal of the certification Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller– Volume Licensing for Educational Institutions (Authorization number: 41130).

As Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller we provide Microsoft Academic licensing programs for educational institutions (local, regional and national administrative offices), Faculty, Students, (FPP, Student Select and the option Campus/Select student), Public Libraries, Public Museums and Charity Organizations.

Licensing programs which the aforementioned customers are qualified for are: Academic Open, Campus and School Agreement 3.5, Select Plus – Academic, Enrollment for Education Solutions for Small & Medium Business, Enrollment for Education Solutions for Large Accounts.

“Thank you for taking the responsibility of authorized reseller of Microsoft software for education. Your remarkable work helps students and teachers worldwide reach their full potential through creative solutions offered by TIC. Having obtained this certification proves that you have the knowledge and competence needed to provide excellent services to customers and detach yourself from competition.” Anthony Salcito, Vice President, Worldwide Public Sector Education

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