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The threat landscape will continue to escalate

Endpoint security solutions must detect and block threats across all points in the attack chain. In 2016, as Symantec Internet Security Threat Report says, the results are:


430 million

new unique pieces of malware last year


increase of Zero-Day vulnerability from 2014 to 2015


increase of
in 2015


increase in
targeted attacks


Endpoint security is more difficult today than ever before 

The threat environment is evolving quickly and given the size and complexity of today's networks, organizations are struggling to keep up. There are many vendors and startups trying to thwart malware infections with alternative methods and point solutions that offer limited protection.

Everyone agrees that endpoint security remains critical, but delivering an effective solution is even more challenging than ever.


To protect against today’s sophisticated threat landscape, customers need to stop threats regardless of how their endpoints are attacked.

Accomplishing this requires certain capabilities, which Symantec has:

  • Advanced technologies to detect unknown threats and prevent zero day attacks including ransomware

  • Memory exploit prevention for popular applications and operating systems

  • Access to the richest global threat intelligence to protect against threats in real-time

  • Orchestrated response to stop threats quickly

  • Proven protection across all devices without compromising performance 

Hierarchy of threats

If you have decided to acquire the Symantec security solution, your company will be protected against the most advanced threats with complete protection from endpoint to email to servers to cloud. 



The right security solution for your organization 

We provide the clients - no matter their size, business segment (commercial/government/academic) - with solutions based on state of the art security technologies of the worldwide leader on the security market. Contact us for more details.



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